Coilover Thrust Bearings – Bearing Seats – Radial Bearing Mounts

Stance Roller Bearing Seat

Stance’s Roller Bearing seat; as seen here, the bearing sits at the top of the spring.

Thrust bearings are the most common variation of this part, but here are all of them, they slightly  vary in function and application but built for the same purpose:

  • Roller Bearing Spring Seat
  • Radial Bearing Mount
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Thrust washer/spring seat gasket (at bottom, low cost alternative)

Most brands have a version of it, the primary purpose is to isolate the spring movement from the rest of the coilover assembly. This allows for better spring compression, prevents Spring Bind, and reduces the noise and vibration from the suspension.

Many of the problems that these parts solve are specific to the Inverted McPherson coilover designs.


Stance’s Roller Bearing Seat, pictured on the right, is a sealed bearing designed to prevent the spring from binding on the static seat of the damper.



Radial Bearing Mount, Fortune Auto

Fortune Auto’s Radial Bearing Mount

Fortune Auto makes a Radial Bearing Mount for street use, which is sealed and helps prevent spring bind and noise generated by the suspension.

Needle Thrust bearing Fortune Auto

Fortune Auto’s Needle Thrust Bearing

Fortune Auto’s Needle Thrust Bearing is designed to isolate spring movement from the rest of the suspension, however the Thrust Bearing is not sealed, and is recommended for race use only.


Thrust Washers/ Spring Seat Gaskets

Thrust Washer are basically just Spring Seat Gaskets, they’re used to isolate noise from the metal on metal contact of the coilover, they can also help prevent spring bind, but if spring bind is a major problem, your best bet is to go with some type of Thrust Bearing, but if you’re just wanting to isolate some of that vibration or noise these are a great, cost effective option. The best thrust washers are made of delrin, a really durable composite, and they’re still pretty cheap $9 for a pair, and cheaper ones are rubber.
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